A message from the old man:

After six years of communal exploration of sound, sub|division will officially be ceasing its monthly club night this December, almost exactly 72 months since the first gathering at Lucky Bar under the orange/black/white banner. The reasons are predictable; life, transitions, change. As I turn to focus more on writing, production, work and family, it is sensible for the younger wave of our clan to move forward with new endeavors.

This does not mean that sub|division is dead; simply that we will no longer be engaging in our regular monthly commitment at Lucky Bar. We’ve just released two compilations of great new music for FREE—with a third due later this month—from some of our extended family. And we have a racked lineup of great events to take you through to the end of 2015. Much of our existing team will continue to push forward under the Urban Therapy banner. Watch for this crew, their appetite is real.

I want to extend immense gratitude to Quinn Dawson (Rhythmicon), Kevin Ehman, Ben Gobe, Lucas Harris and Carlin Bennett for climbing on board in 2006 and making our ideas a very real vibration. I hold dear all of the nights we spent projecting sound from the Lucky Bar stage.

Dylan Pitcher, Dylan Lihou and the staff at Lucky Bar; you are the greatest venue on the fucking planet. Thank you for providing our community with the perfect space to nurture quality music, people and atmosphere.

To Robert Squire (Prison Garde), Max Ulis, Michael Red, thank you for guidance and wisdom; in myriad ways, you instilled me with the confidence to trust my gut and push forward with something I believed in alongside people I trusted.

To the best crew: Toni EMPlicit, Will McFarland, Crow Campbell, Natron, Dennis Merchand, Pax Frias, Alistair Butler, Emily Sutherland, Arya Hawker, Lance Dobbie, Ian Hoar: you are all such an inspiration, thank you for the energy, laughs and enthusiasm for what we’ve accomplished over the last couple years. I have a lot of love for you all.

sub|division owes much love to the following individuals, collectives, forces: Daega and Lighta! Sound fam, Sergio Levels and Modern Math fam, Hrdvsion, Laggards, The Librarian and Bass Coast Festival, Rifflandia Festival, Jamie Goyman, Aaron Bergunder/Chris Nohr and thenumber, April Mundell, Andrew Ryce, Ian Avery, Laura and Erik at Wolfsheep, Outsider, Lauren Ashley, Grossbuster, Philthkids, Kevin Green, Sean Evans, Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness, Chris Ruscheinski and Red Bull Music Academy.

We wish to extend a huge amount of gratitude to Miro and Surefire Sound for being the realest booking agency on the planet and a complete pleasure to deal with. Without this group of likeminded people working with independent-minded promoters, niche nights like sub|division simply would not be possible.

Thanks and love to all the dancers.

Chris Long aka Monolithium aka Longshanks aka Party Papa

sub|div artists 2009-2015

Addison Groove • Pearson Sound • Kahn • Dabrye • Kode9 • Mumdance • 2562 • Ikonika • Jacques Greene • Zed Bias • Hrdvsion • Fred P • Kingdom • Visionist • dÉBruit • Silkie • Shackleton • Machinedrum • Lunice • XI • Gaslamp Killer • Tessela • Salva • Sam Binga • Brenmar • Eddie C • Anthony Naples • Grossbuster • Sergio Levels • Dan Solo • Max Ulis • Avalon Emerson • Jeremy Greenspan • Prison Garde/Megasoid • Sabota • Daega Sound • Ango • Julio Bashmore • The Librarian • Appleblim • xxxy • Martyn • Tokimonsta • Kevin McPhee • Ronnie Falcon • Slugabed • Distal • MikeQ • Calamalka • Egyptrixx • Basic Soul Unit • Outsider • Araab Muzik • Grenier • Superbendythumbs • Girl Unit • L-Vis 1990 • Hyperlinx • Jim-E Stack • Illum Sphere • Michael Red • Lorne B • Taal Mala • Philthkids • Self Evident • Graze • DJ D. Dee • Koosh • Blue Daisy • Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness • Sinistarr • Zeeaa • Bordello • Om Unit • Distance • Seb Diamond • Eprom • Sinistarr • A Tribe Called Red • KMT • Sean Evans • Noah D • Eliot Lipp • Hashman Deejay • Laggards • Cobblestone Jazz • Dan & Dhula • Midnight Operator • Ruairi Lazers • HxdB • Niña Mendoza • Longwalkshortdock • Natty Potashnik • DJ Murge • April M • Big Body/Touch Bass/Corpus • Graintable • Rennie Foster • Transient • Jacques Porveau • Shrew • Letr B • Guests • En Noir • EMPlicit • Ganjoid • Max Renn • Pigeon Hole • 5am • Salms • Okibi • Olav • Hi–Q Soundsystem • Natron • Sinesthetix • Neon Steve • J-Feud • Mr. Moe • The Big Reds (Rhythmicon, Frame, Gobe) • Eames • Monolithium


We have a racked lineup of great events to take you through to the end of 2015.

Upcoming Events

The Big Reds, Daega Sound, Max Ulis, Monolithium, Eames and friends after the first sub|division Dec. 18, 2009
[photo: Charlotte Dobre]